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FSB Premier "All-Star" Crystal Weber: Every Day is a Song Worth Singing Thumbnail

FSB Premier "All-Star" Crystal Weber: Every Day is a Song Worth Singing


Life is a new song, we which live day by day. And every single one of us has a story to say. 

You all know Crystal Weber as an ALL-STAR CCO/COO here at FSB. She is happily married to her husband Bryan and is blessed with a large network of amazing family and friends. You'll quite often find her out on Main Street or any of the other fun spots our Cedar Valley offers, spending quality time nurturing those relationships. 

What you may not know is she is a singer-songwriter on the nights and weekends. You can find her on many stages regionally, playing originals and covers #crystalwebermusic. Singing and writing are her favorite, along with playing piano, guitar, and flute. Music is one way she shares herself with the world and she enjoys meeting new people and hearing about their stories.

Crystal is nearing the end of the road to obtaining her MBA (Master of Business Administration) at UNI and she is looking forward to having some more free time to tackle a couple of books she is currently in process of writing. Running and biking are her workouts of choice. She runs half-marathons, but has a marathon on her goal list, and she has already registered for the week-long 2021 RAGBRAI. With any remaining free time, Crystal, Bryan, and their friends get in as much traveling as possible. She loves to see new places and experience new things. 

Here is a picture of Bryan and Crystal, in Crystal's favorite "home away from home."

Ask Crystal about the time she sang on stage at a bar on Broadway in Nashvillle :)

Seeking out adventures in Las Vegas!

Time spent breathing in fresh, Colorado mountain air is always good for the soul!

Whatever your own song sounds like, we hope it is a beautiful one! May your days be "on key", life's challenges be "minor", and the good times be "major". And always remember - every day is an opportunity to sing a new song in this thing we call life.


FSB Premier

Written by: Crystal Weber

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