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FSB Premier "All-Star" Jacob Stalder: Making the Cedar Valley Home Thumbnail

FSB Premier "All-Star" Jacob Stalder: Making the Cedar Valley Home


Earlier this year, Jacob Stalder and his girlfriend Marissa embarked on a new journey by moving from Des Moines here to the Cedar Valley. Since then, they have been busy exploring the fun things our community has to offer. A few local spots already making their list of favorites include Blue Barn BBQ, LJ's, and Singlespeed. If you have suggestions of places they should check out, be sure and let Jake know your recommendations. 

You all know Jacob Stalder as a financial adviser here at FSB and one of our team’s operations ALL-STARS. Yes, our operations team is lucky enough to have two Jake's employed with us! While this may cause an occasional moment of confusion over the phone, that has been the only down-side to having this dynamic duo as the power-house behind our operations and client service. 

Jake has always been extremely active. It's simply his nature. Some of his favorites include cycling, kayaking, and hiking our picturesque Cedar Valley trails. He tries to spend time outdoors whenever he gets an opportunity, especially at Big Woods Lake, a local favorite spot for running, biking, camping, kayaking, and more! When not at Big Woods, you can also find him at the outdoor areas of Prairie Lakes, Greenbelt Trails, and the Nature Preserve. 

Part of that active nature may be attributed to growing up in the country, which lends itself to the spirit of adventure and a love for animals, because he loves both dogs and cats alike. Jake's blue heeler, Smoky, is an avid fan of the great outdoors, too!

Quality time making memories with friends is very important to Jake. He enjoys going on ski trips in Galena and tries to travel and experience new places whenever possible.

When you find yourself chatting with Jake, it is highly likely he will bring up the Chicago Cubs, because he is an avid Cubs fan. He loves catching a game at Wrigley. Go Cubs Go! 

Jake is excited to get more involved in the Cedar Valley community as he and Marissa continue to fully immerse themselves into their new lives here. We are happy to have them here! 

We hope your days are filled with sun, fun, and that they are a home run! Take care and see you soon.

FSB Premier

Written by: Crystal Weber

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