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FSB Premier "All-Star" Scott Waechter: His Recipe for Adventure is Family Thumbnail

FSB Premier "All-Star" Scott Waechter: His Recipe for Adventure is Family


What do you get when you mix up time exploring lush trails, sunny days at the water-park, and three kids in the kitchen with chef hats? If you are anything like Scott Waechter's family, it is a sure-fire recipe for adventure. 

You all know Scott Waechter as an ALL-STAR financial adviser here at FSB, and the newest member of our Premier family. Scott and his wife (Alexandra) have three energetic young boys (Karsten, Joe, and Wil). When not working or chasing around the boys, Scott and Alexandra love to travel, sharing experiences and forging life-long memories. He also somehow finds time to be active in church ministry and the gym. Scott and Alexandra would like to be able to do missionary work somewhere, at some point in their lives. You can feel his enthusiasm for philanthropy pouring out as he discusses the challenges yet excitement that would be presented by being able to spend a longer period of time to really get to know and invest time and energy into the people of another culture.

Here is a picture of Scott and Alexandra, out on another adventure!

Not to be out-done, the kids in the Waechter family have their own share of adventures! If you ask them, Karsten and Joe think the trip to Kansas City they got to take with dad was the best adventure. It was only those two and Scott. They got to see a huge dinosaur exhibit at Union Station, Legoland, Sea Life Aquarium, WWI monument/museum with old weapons, their first MLB game, Oceans of Fun, and of course, a stay at a hotel with a pool. As anyone with children knows, when staying in a hotel while on vacation, a pool is of the utmost priority to the kids :)

All three Waechter kids make the most of their time at the water-park, especially our local, award-winning one - Lost Island! 

The boys searching for their next adventure. Just look at those smiles! 

For Scott Waechter and his family, life is made that much sweeter by the care and energy they invest into each other and in those around them. When you add in a few spoonfuls of adventure, a dash of daily workouts, and a pinch of positive thinking - you end up with a pretty great life. 

What is your recipe to happiness in this grand adventure we call life? 

No matter your life has cooked up so far, we hope it will be filled with sweetness, smiles, and a spoon-full of sugar. 

FSB Premier

Written by: Crystal Weber

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