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Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone.  We wish you all a fun and safe weekend ahead.   

We are writing to update you on an important change in regards to trade settlement.   Starting Tuesday, May 28th, trade settlement timing will be expedited from two business days (T+2) to one business day (T+1).  Here's is a brief breakdown of what this means and how it benefits you:

Faster Access to Funds

Quicker Availability of Funds: With the settlement period reduced to one day, you'll receive your funds faster after making a sale. This means if you request a distribution or sell an asset, the proceeds will be available in your account the next day instead of waiting for two days.

Improved Cash Flow Management

Enhanced Liquidity: For businesses and individuals who rely on timely access to their funds, this change can greatly improve cash flow management. You can reinvest or utilize the money more quickly, which can be particularly beneficial in volatile markets or when needing to respond rapidly to financial needs.

Reduced Risk

Lower Counterparty Risk: The shorter settlement period reduces the time during which the counterparty might default on the trade, thereby lowering the overall risk in financial transactions.

Planning and Strategy

Timely Investment Opportunities: With quicker access to funds, you can take advantage of new investment opportunities more promptly, potentially maximizing your returns by reacting faster to market movements.

Again, this important change takes effect next Tuesday, 5/28/2024.   This is a positive change in the industry for all parties and wanted to share.   As always, your team at FSB Premier is here to help answer any questions you have.   

Have a great weekend everyone.