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FSB Premier "All-Star" Alexander Vlach: Adventure Awaits Those Who Give Back Thumbnail

FSB Premier "All-Star" Alexander Vlach: Adventure Awaits Those Who Give Back


Sometimes life's greatest adventures come from unexpected sources, such as when giving back.

You all know Alexander Vlach as an ALL-STAR wealth adviser, private banker, and CFP® here at FSB. He has perfected the art of juggling multiple hats with both skill and precision. What you may not know about Alex is he is an all-around outdoor enthusiast and our team's resident expert on classic cars. Speaking of cars, he loves attending the Good Guys classic car show each year at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. 

Biking and hiking are two of Alex's favorite ways to seek out adventures, but he is typically up for any outdoor activity. And as anyone from the Midwest knows, we have a plethora of beautiful trails to explore. Alex also enjoys cooking and grilling year round. Ask him about his mean pad thai and chicken tikka masala. It sounds delicious!

One unexpected source of adventure which led to an opportunity to give back presented itself to Alex in the form of Vesper. As a foster parent for Last Hope Animal Rescue, Alex helps make lives such as little Vesper's better. It turns out that Vesper was so happy with her foster dad that she decided to make herself a permanent addition to Alex's home :)

Alex also gives back to people however he can. Below is a picture snapped at a Jaycees event, one worthwhile organization of which Alex was previously a finance board member on.

Spending quality time out on the green with like-minded, goal-driven people is great way to spend a day! 

Sometimes the smallest gestures in life really can make the greatest difference. Although saving one little kitten won't change the world, for little Vesper - her world has been changed forever. Whatever sources your life's own adventures come from, we hope they bring health and happiness to each of you.


FSB Premier

Written by: Crystal Weber

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